So…What is it that you do?

So…What is it that you do?  Post-college in D.C had to be some of the most rewarding yet intense years of my life.   The dreadful small talk at social/networking events was enough to make me have an eat, pray, love year!

What do you do? Registered in my mind as:  What’s your title? Why are you important? Who are you? Do you really matter?

Often times in our western society we place value on how people classify themselves based on employment.   “Oh, I have a law degree. I’m a doctor. I teach in the inner city. I’m a staffer for a notable congressman. I’m studying to get my Ph.D.”  Which all translates to ” Hello, I matter!  I have spent hella money on a piece of paper to be important to somebody!”

Now, by no means am I discrediting my educated peers, I myself have a degree and have fully exploited the privileges I paid for!  But what happens when that degree doesn’t land you the job of your dreams? When your executive title has been snatched away from you at your corporate job. When you can’t answer with confidence and pride the question, So what do you do?

Who are you beyond that job?  This is where it gets tricky.  For many of us, we live for the moment after graduation and the 3-4 year struggle post undergrad and graduate school to say exactly what it is we “DO”.

You know the one, it’s “That job”. The one that felt right during the interview.  The one that matched your skill set perfectly. The one you felt you could grow with.  The one your parents were proud of. The one that offered that salary increase you dreamed of. When you lose it, what is next? What do we do when we loose the job that offered such security before?


Here is a Quick tip for letting go of “that job”: Practice gratitude

In the midst of a reclined job offer or dismissal from a company, nothing soothes the pain better than a dose of gratitude. Reflect on what you learned while working with this company.  Determine your new set of demands for the next place of employment.  Determine if working for someone else is what you truly desire. Identify the skills you brought to the table and ones that you picked up along the way.  Be thankful for the opportunity to have that experience and a job that carried you thus far.  Re-focus your energy in a positive direction through gratitude as you set out on your next employment adventure!

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