backdrop1.jpgMy name is birth name is Johnetta Abraham, these days I go by Nzali Elela.  The name Johnetta was given to me at birth in honor of my father.  I love this name which is why I simply can’t let it go.  I feel I have transformed into Nzali Elela after my womanhood rites of passage initiation last year(2014).  Nzali means fretless/fearless because one knows she is protected by God. Elela means one with sight and vision and knows it. Both of these names are a constant reminder to me of what is the truth of who I am.  I am my fathers child, my spirit comes from his line, I must walk fearlessly into God path for me and I have vision and insight(as do all the women of my mother’s line).  I am a woman of truth, love, peace of mind, body and soul.  I live from a space of gratitude.  The veil has been pulled back and I know go free into the world seeing the beauty in all things.  I align myself to the principles of the most high which are: Humility, Spiritual Development, Self Development, Sisterhood, Service, Compassion, Integrity and love. I realize fully I am no different than any other being on this earth. We are all connected and to see the magnificence in others is to see it in myself.  I am a spiritual being having a human experience and I intend fully to learn and be all I was sent to this realm to accomplish in the most honorable way possible.

Axe. Amen.


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