Blue gratitude

My journal pages are my conversations with God!  The other day I was writing out my thoughts and feelings on my recent disappointments.  I had a few moments when the negative thoughts were reigning supreme in my head.  I asked God what do I do when the ache in my heart won’t go away?  What do you do when you can no longer hide behind the numbness of it all?  God what do I do when I can’t seem to practice what I preach?  And literally in the midst of my conversation with God the thought crossed my mind…PRACTICE GRATITUDE.  In the midst of life’s disappointments, practice gratitude.  So immediately in the middle of my rant to God I shifted gears and began my blue gratitude.  It happened like this: Today I am thankful for…

-my smile

-my ability to always bounce back

-my sista Asha

my sista Tuyeni

-the dedication of my parents

-the opportunity and means to travel

-my love for people

-my ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel

-my self awareness

-my booty

-Beyonce, Rihanna,Mama Erykah Badu, India Arie



-a great book

-my dog Kenzie

-making it through August of last year without a mental break down

-staying sane after all the shit I’ve seen

-my new found love of self

-my ability to be vulnerable

-being able to type this post

-and so much more



So today or whenever you are feeling blue, try practicing blue gratitude!  Let’s start now, Today I am thankful for…


I’m an Orange Moon ~song via the Queen Ms. Badu

“I’m an orange moon. I’m brighter than before, brighter. Reflecting the light of the sun.”~Queen Mother Badu

Last night was a full moon! To some, that means nothing, to me and all the folks that acknowledge the power of nature realize it’s everything. Take a second and really reflect on all that centers around the moon’s energetic pull.

Don’t worry I’ll wait…go ahead, google it!

Personally, the full moon always is the 1st or 4th day of my blood rites cycle so I pay close attention during this time because this is usually when my means of communication fall by the wayside. The cancer in me is in full swing and my emotions and intuition are #lit! So I take time, every full moon to honor myself and what is good in the world. This full moon was in Libra( sidenote: shout out to a special Libra in my life K.A). They call it the Pink Moon! So in honor of the full moon and my blood rites, I did a little self-love ritual last night!


  • Sea salt ( so many types, just choose one)
  • herb mixture ( Got my mix from Mama Bessie’s Place(Charlotte, N.C, it’s her Sweetwater’s 21 herbs mix! But honestly pick what you like, what you feel called to have.  Usually, some sort of rose is always involved in my mixtures)
  • Water ( temperature to fit you, I like it hot, Caliente!
  • Honey(optional)
  • Candles( I prefer white and yellow, but again choose what you feel called to have)
  • Mood setters: Now I love to romance myself so a playlist is a must for me.  I also am the sticky note queen so those were a must for me as well! AGAIN, whatever you need to feel add it in!


  1. Set an intention: What do you want to gain from this alone time?  Do you want peace? Are you re-charging your soul? Are you kick-starting a new wave? Are you relaxing and detoxifying your body? Are you celebrating all the good in you and the world?  Whatever it is, be CLEAR about it.  This intention WILL BE YOUR MEDITATION FOCUS.
  2. Set your space:  Here is where you say a prayer making knowN what your intention is in this space.  Infuse the space with this intention. For me, here is where my sticky notes come in handy!  I post my intention and what I am calling on and celebrating in that space.( pics will be provided)
  3. Run your water( to your temperature of choice) and add in your sea salt.  You want to give it enough time for the salt to melt into the water.
  4. Add your herbs to the water( note: you should be speaking your intention into this water aloud or softly in your head as your add these herbs)
  5. Light your candles and start your playlist. Make sure you have one candle that is in your eyesight.
  6. Step in and let the water take you!  This is my favorite part!!!!  I sit, I soak, I let the herbs soothe me, I play, I sing along, I love me in this space!
  7. Candle gaze: Take at least 5-10 min to focus your attention on the flame of the candle in your eyes view.  Literally, for 5-10 minutes watch the flame and be mindful of your intention.
  8. When you are ready, slowly get out of the tub, wrap yourself in a white towel, let the water out. Don’t worry about cleaning, do that tomorrow!
  9. Go to sleep and let your subconscious take you!
  10. FOR THE EXTRA FOLK: Finally, THIS IS NOT REQUIRED BUT I DO IT.  Go outside and sit under the full moon.  Let the light of it bless you!  Acknowledge the force/power/create such an intricate yet simple thing such as the moon. Acknowledge your God self! Say thank you for life! In my Color Purple voice “I”m here”!


That’s it!  Pics provided below!  Be on the look out for my New Moon Ritual as well!  What can I say yall, I love the moon!

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