So…What is it that you do?

So…What is it that you do?  Post-college in D.C had to be some of the most rewarding yet intense years of my life.   The dreadful small talk at social/networking events was enough to make me have an eat, pray, love year!

What do you do? Registered in my mind as:  What’s your title? Why are you important? Who are you? Do you really matter?

Often times in our western society we place value on how people classify themselves based on employment.   “Oh, I have a law degree. I’m a doctor. I teach in the inner city. I’m a staffer for a notable congressman. I’m studying to get my Ph.D.”  Which all translates to ” Hello, I matter!  I have spent hella money on a piece of paper to be important to somebody!”

Now, by no means am I discrediting my educated peers, I myself have a degree and have fully exploited the privileges I paid for!  But what happens when that degree doesn’t land you the job of your dreams? When your executive title has been snatched away from you at your corporate job. When you can’t answer with confidence and pride the question, So what do you do?

Who are you beyond that job?  This is where it gets tricky.  For many of us, we live for the moment after graduation and the 3-4 year struggle post undergrad and graduate school to say exactly what it is we “DO”.

You know the one, it’s “That job”. The one that felt right during the interview.  The one that matched your skill set perfectly. The one you felt you could grow with.  The one your parents were proud of. The one that offered that salary increase you dreamed of. When you lose it, what is next? What do we do when we loose the job that offered such security before?


Here is a Quick tip for letting go of “that job”: Practice gratitude

In the midst of a reclined job offer or dismissal from a company, nothing soothes the pain better than a dose of gratitude. Reflect on what you learned while working with this company.  Determine your new set of demands for the next place of employment.  Determine if working for someone else is what you truly desire. Identify the skills you brought to the table and ones that you picked up along the way.  Be thankful for the opportunity to have that experience and a job that carried you thus far.  Re-focus your energy in a positive direction through gratitude as you set out on your next employment adventure!

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Letting go: Matters of the heart    E-Course: The Art of Letting Go

We grow the most in relationships.  Well let me clarify, I personally have learned the most from my relationships.  In these spaces, I am forced to be vulnerable.  In these spaces, I am forced to see the fullness of who I am.  It is in these spaces that we as people see the manifestations of our deeply rooted beliefs about life, who we are, and how we show up in the world.  Plain and simple relationships are our truth juice.   So when a union ends, no matter the time frame, it hurts.  It causes you to question who you are, what you are, what you bring to the table, what you will and will not accept in your space, why you accepted what you did, and a series of other questions that often times lead you down a path of overthinking and pain. It is in these moments, the quiet space of our mind, where truth becomes the master.  Even the most confident person, in these moments of truth, ask why and how.

No person dreams of the end when they connect with someone but it is one of those inevitable truths.  If you are anything like me you quietly process and resolve or stuff your feelings and emotions in places to never be seen or heard of again…well until they are seen and heard again.  Generally in the next relationship or moment of disappointment.

I’ve learned what you don’t address will manifest. For me, it has been critical to consciously release those thoughts, feelings, and emotions one step at a time.


So here is a  MATTERS OF THE HEART QUICK TIP:  Tell yourself the TRUTH

Determine for yourself what is it that the relationship gave you or provided you with.  In what ways did that relationship cripple you from providing that for yourself? Ask yourself do I miss the person or the idea of that person and the benefits of the relationship? Ask yourself, what was the reality of the relationship?

This is your starting place to release, heal, and thrive!


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I’m an Orange Moon ~song via the Queen Ms. Badu

“I’m an orange moon. I’m brighter than before, brighter. Reflecting the light of the sun.”~Queen Mother Badu

Last night was a full moon! To some, that means nothing, to me and all the folks that acknowledge the power of nature realize it’s everything. Take a second and really reflect on all that centers around the moon’s energetic pull.

Don’t worry I’ll wait…go ahead, google it!

Personally, the full moon always is the 1st or 4th day of my blood rites cycle so I pay close attention during this time because this is usually when my means of communication fall by the wayside. The cancer in me is in full swing and my emotions and intuition are #lit! So I take time, every full moon to honor myself and what is good in the world. This full moon was in Libra( sidenote: shout out to a special Libra in my life K.A). They call it the Pink Moon! So in honor of the full moon and my blood rites, I did a little self-love ritual last night!


  • Sea salt ( so many types, just choose one)
  • herb mixture ( Got my mix from Mama Bessie’s Place(Charlotte, N.C, it’s her Sweetwater’s 21 herbs mix! But honestly pick what you like, what you feel called to have.  Usually, some sort of rose is always involved in my mixtures)
  • Water ( temperature to fit you, I like it hot, Caliente!
  • Honey(optional)
  • Candles( I prefer white and yellow, but again choose what you feel called to have)
  • Mood setters: Now I love to romance myself so a playlist is a must for me.  I also am the sticky note queen so those were a must for me as well! AGAIN, whatever you need to feel add it in!


  1. Set an intention: What do you want to gain from this alone time?  Do you want peace? Are you re-charging your soul? Are you kick-starting a new wave? Are you relaxing and detoxifying your body? Are you celebrating all the good in you and the world?  Whatever it is, be CLEAR about it.  This intention WILL BE YOUR MEDITATION FOCUS.
  2. Set your space:  Here is where you say a prayer making knowN what your intention is in this space.  Infuse the space with this intention. For me, here is where my sticky notes come in handy!  I post my intention and what I am calling on and celebrating in that space.( pics will be provided)
  3. Run your water( to your temperature of choice) and add in your sea salt.  You want to give it enough time for the salt to melt into the water.
  4. Add your herbs to the water( note: you should be speaking your intention into this water aloud or softly in your head as your add these herbs)
  5. Light your candles and start your playlist. Make sure you have one candle that is in your eyesight.
  6. Step in and let the water take you!  This is my favorite part!!!!  I sit, I soak, I let the herbs soothe me, I play, I sing along, I love me in this space!
  7. Candle gaze: Take at least 5-10 min to focus your attention on the flame of the candle in your eyes view.  Literally, for 5-10 minutes watch the flame and be mindful of your intention.
  8. When you are ready, slowly get out of the tub, wrap yourself in a white towel, let the water out. Don’t worry about cleaning, do that tomorrow!
  9. Go to sleep and let your subconscious take you!
  10. FOR THE EXTRA FOLK: Finally, THIS IS NOT REQUIRED BUT I DO IT.  Go outside and sit under the full moon.  Let the light of it bless you!  Acknowledge the force/power/create such an intricate yet simple thing such as the moon. Acknowledge your God self! Say thank you for life! In my Color Purple voice “I”m here”!


That’s it!  Pics provided below!  Be on the look out for my New Moon Ritual as well!  What can I say yall, I love the moon!

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I’m back after popular demand!

I’m back after popular demand!  Yes, that’s right I’m back to my blogging!  So much has shifted in a positive manner!  I’m have sooo much to share and learn from you all!  Be on the lookout for all that’s coming! Vlogging, Blogging, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, I’m all in to connect and share the wealth! #Ghana #repatlife #livingloved #transformation #soulpreneur #boss #nautralista #blackgirlmagic #glowlife and always #queening

I’m way up I feel blessed!

Spending my final night in the U.S.A.  Staging was a success and now I fly out to South Africa in the morning. My bestie Channing came to see me off and just reminded me of how God is moving in my life, what it really feels like to be in the flow and walking in your purpose and real friendship.  So I’m signing off for a few days until I have internet to post again. I’m way up I feel blessed! I AM READY!PST group Staging

A little piece of heaven

So recently( since about April) I have been taking little nature hikes to clear my mind and just recharge.  I have found that I love the greenery!  So it was only right that before I left North Carolina that I find some green space what I call a little piece of heaven to help me recharge right before  I depart.  So I went to the white water rafting park in Charlotte, they have some amazing trails around the rafting park for bikes and walkers.  I wasn’t expecting it to be this beautiful but it was breath taking. The trees where so tall, I got a small glimpse of how small I am in the grand scheme of this planet.  It was cool, the red cardinals were out in full effect,the bees, the birds, the squirrels…everything was as it should be, working in perfect order and harmony with each other.  It was simply put heaven on earth.  This further confirmed that while I’m in South Africa that I must make it a point to see all the natural wonders I can while I’m there.  I want to see the game reserves, the farm land, the beaches. I want to see everything operating in it’s perfect order.

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How to contact me

Hello family and friends!  I am 5 days away from departure to South Africa and I wanted to make sure I posted how you all can contact me while I’m out of country.  So here it goes:


South African number- +27 76 162 2827

~ I will have an iphone so please download skype and whatsapp so I can video chat and text you just like I would if I were in the states. ( the best option is to have whatsapp)

If for some reason your communication pattern is broken and you do not hear from your family member, you may want to contact the South Africa Desk or the Counseling and Outreach Unit (COU) at Peace Corps Washington at 202-692-1470 or alternatively at 1-855-855-1961 and selecting option 2, or entering the extension 1470. These numbers may be used 24 hours a day. Also, in the case of an emergency at home (death in the family, sudden critical illness, etc.), please do not hesitate to call COU immediately, so that a message can be sent to the Volunteer.

  1. Telephone Calls. The telephone system in South Africa is relatively good and service in and out of Pretoria to the United States is mostly reliable. In the interior of the country, where most of the Volunteers are located, phones are fewer in number and of decreased reliability. Volunteers do not have residential phones; however, most Volunteers choose to buy cell phones or use public phones to make and receive international calls. They will be able to inform you of the actual telephone numbers and the reliability of telephone service once they arrive at their permanent sites in the country.



  1. Sending packages. Parents and Volunteers like to send and receive care packages through the mail. Unfortunately, sending packages can be a frustrating experience for all involved due to occasional thefts and heavy customs taxes. You may want to try to send inexpensive items through the mail, but there is no guarantee that these items will arrive. Even though many Volunteers choose to get local post office boxes, you may also use the following address to send letters and/or packages:

Johnetta Abraham, PCV

U.S. Peace Corps

PO Box 9536

Pretoria 0001


It is recommended that packages be sent in padded envelopes or bubble envelopes if possible, as boxes tend to be taxed more frequently and might pose as a greater target for theft. For lightweight but important items (e.g. airline tickets), DHL (an express mail service) does operate in Pretoria. If you choose to send items through DHL, you must address the package to:

Country Director

c/o: U. S. Peace Corps

126 Verdoorn Street

Sunnyside 0028




The phone number for the Peace Corps office in South Africa is (27) 12-344-4255, as DHL will need this information. If you send the item to the Country Director, no liability can be assumed. For more information about DHL, please call their toll free number, 1-800-CALL-DHL, or visit their web site at Other courier services may operate in Pretoria – DHL is only one possibility.

We hope this information is helpful to you during the time your family member or friend is serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa. We understand how frustrating it is to communicate with your family member overseas and we appreciate your using this information as a guideline. Please feel free to contact us at the South Africa Desk in Washington, D.C. if you have any further questions. Our phone number is 1-855-855-1961, ext. 2870, or locally, 202-692-2870.