Keeping hope alive can kill you

This just landed on my heart this morning and I called my sister but she wasn’t available so I figured why not blog it out.

Keeping hope alive for an inconsistent negro(man) will kill your essence as a woman!

I don’t know how else to say it.

When we as women hold space for the possibility of reunion we ultimately kill our own light.  The is no “act right” in the world that you can muster up for a man to want to be or do what you need from him.  Genuine love, care, and concern are intrinsically motivated.

I firmly believe we as women have done too much coddling of grown men and not enough nursing of your own heart. Often times I have ventured off into the realm of being a savage just to find my broken heart waiting on the other end. savage loveInstead of holding out or keeping hope alive, how about we fix our hearts.  All that time we spend trying to get him to see us for who we are we can spend re-polishing ourselves so that the shine/the light radiating off you can’t go unnoticed.  Women spend so much time trying to be seen.  Trying to get someone to notice our value that we don’t take the time to sit and refurbish the diamond. All diamonds when you pick them up out of the dirt look crazy!  They don’t shine, they don’t catch your eye.  But when you spend the time cutting off the excess, crafting the perfect shape, polishing it up, it then becomes worth something.

Let’s take that time ladies, invest in yourself and not in the waiting game.



Been there, done that, never again!


2 thoughts on “Keeping hope alive can kill you

  1. […] We are no mindless victims; we choose. More importantly, complaining to another party can be a form of manipulation, as well as the very outlet that keeps us feeding a misplaced hope that may need to die. (Check this out: “Keeping Hope Alive Can Kill You.”) […]

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