Confidently Lost

“I’m alone but I’m not lonely, comfortably indulging, and trying to get to know me. I’m just and outline of what I use to be, constantly evolving, steadily revolving.”

The decision to pick up my life once again and relocate to another country was surprisingly easy and freeing. It didn’t take much coaching, my thoughts were not flooded with doubt and fear.  For the first time, I feel this is exactly what and where I’m supposed to be. For the past few months, I have really taken on the mentality that this is my chance to create my life.  Let the adventure of it all take me and groom me into the woman I am but never knew.

“I am CONFIDENTLY LOST!  I don’t need you to find me, you don’t define me. Cause I’m not hiding anything.”

One thing I know for sure is the power of creation.  The more I indulge and fearlessly explore the more confidence I build in myself and the power I harness.
“Made up of hope and meditation, love, imagination, water my creations. Baby it’s amazing, all the days I’m facing, nothing seems to phase me.”
My connection and unwavering belief in the power of God has afforded me the audacity to choose Ghana boldly as my new home!  Many days and many nights I spent getting still.  Many ups and many downs have lead me to this decision to live freely. This journey is about real love, taking chances, the audacity to hope, the belief in my capacity to create.  It truly is amazing!
“Thinking about where I’ve gone, where I’m going.  And I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Thinking about where I’m from, if I belong there, but I wouldn’t change it for the anything.”
Often times people ask me questions like: What about your family, your friends?  Aren’t you going to miss America? What are you going to do there?
And to those questions I say… I love my family and friends but sometimes you have to step away in order to grow.  It’s like the bird in a nest anticipating it’s first flight.  Nobody but you can teach you to fly.  When you step out of that nest nobody but God is there carrying you in the wind, guiding you through your innate knowing of how to fly. The catch to it all is that you have to step out there.  This is my stepping out.  I have never felt more at peace anywhere else in the world.  My body loves who I am in Ghana, my skin glows, my confidence is high, I literally have a physical manifestation of the spiritual favor this place has on my soul.
Will it be hard?…I assume I will have challenging moments, yes.  Will I sometimes fall into negative thinking?…Yes.  But the blessing of it all is that…
” I wouldn’t change it for the world!”
Inserted Song Lyrics by Sabrina Claudio “Confidently Lost”
Heart and Soul of the reflection by Nzali Elela
ghana heart

4 thoughts on “Confidently Lost

  1. “What about your family? What about your friends? What if something happens”? Valid questions, but when you feel something that strong there’s nothing that will change your mind. To my defense, sometimes the comfort of you staying somewhere is taken advantage of. One life to live, gotta live it up.

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