What is an Everyday Queen

I love my journal!dope  It holds all my vulnerabilities in its pages.  I can speak truth in my journal, laugh in my journal, cry in my journal and just be in my journal.  However there are some things worth sharing and after I spent some time going through my old journals I realized my life adventures, realization and transformation is meant to be shared.  A while back some of my sisters nicknamed me “Queen” and to be 100% honest I could not figure out for the life of me why, but it did make me smile on the inside.  I struggle with this nickname because I figured there isn’t anything special about me to make me deserving of such a title.  Well…then God said “hell yeah there is something special about you fool, wake the hell up! They don’t call you Queen for nothing”.  Yes God curses in my head, it’s our language.  So anyway I realized I am an everyday Queen!   This simply means I live my life as closely aligned to my life’s purpose every day and because of that the universe responds in my favor.  So the Tales of an Every Day Queen has been born!   I hope you all enjoy this ride with me because ordinary life just no longer interest me.

Choose to be!

~Nzali Elela


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